Upgrading from Money 99 to 2004



Is it worth upgrading from Money 99 to Money 2004. I
have several years of complete financial data in my Money
99 program. Just wondering if it is worth the cost and
hassel to upgrade. Is the upgrade path (conversion) from
Money 99 to Money 2004 pretty easy.

Thanks in advance for any replys and help.




Glyn Simpson, MVP

Well, your mileage may vary on it. Some people like 2004, others don't. I'd
always recommend the trial before you buy though. You can get an idea of
what's in the latest version, whether it's suitable for you etc.

2004 should just convert a 99 file, assuming they are from the same region.
Occasionally it doesn't, and sometimes upgrading might not work due to a
variety of other factors.



- Bobb -

I had M2001 Deluxe and went to 2004 Deluxe - I prefer the feel / the look
of 2001, however in 2004 they FINALLY put a "view as of" field. (Something I
used in DOS Quicken all the time)

2004 Deluxe puts stuff on the screen that I don't need - like always showing
drop down fields.
I could see the same info in 2001 IF I CHOSE TO , and if I didn't choose to
, THEN I could have more accounts on my screen rather than these stupid
drop-downs. (GIVE me a checkbox to show/not show). Although no graphics, I
preferred DOS Quicken to Money, so I never had Money pre-2001, so can't
judge M99.

One questions that I do have to 2004 users out there... Have there been any
changes since intial release ?
Specifically, I bought M2004 last fall. This past weekend they had it on
sale at CompUSA for $20 with a $20 rebate and I bought another copy (thought
I'd get a copy for my brother while I was there buying the other "free after
rebate " stuff) It's unopened in the wrapper still. Currently on my Pc the
version of M2004 Deluxe is Version12, Release #1.

Is there any chance that what I just bought could be .. say... Version 12,
release 7 for example ?
With some updates / fixes etc ? Or do they come out with one and only one
version per year and that's it.


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