Upgrading from money 99


Lance lost

I am moving from a dell desktop running money 99 to a toshiba notepad running
money 2006, I backed up the file in 99, moved it to the computer running 2006
and attempted to restore......it acts as if the back up file can not be found
(pointing right to it) or that it is read only (its not) and no password was
in place on 99. has anyone heard of this




Would love to hear a solution for your problem Lance Lost. Would like to
upgrade to money 2006 from money 99 but all I have read scares me if I were
to lose any information . to this day I am sorry I archived some previous



Bob Peel MVP

There is an issue with upgrading from M99 to M06 on a box running W9x. If
you are running W9x then read on!
Money 2006 cannot convert a Money 98 or 99 file if they are running Money on
a Windows 9x OS.

It has to due with a potential security hole in the msjet35.dll (So Money
2006 no longer ships with that DLL)

Options for user:

1. Upgrade Windows to XP

2. Step upgrade to Money 2000 - 2005 and then Money 2006


3. Do the conversion on a different (XP) machine, and move the converted

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