Urgent advice: Can Natwest/Barclays extrajudicially close accountswithout notice & keep money?



I am posting for a friend, Dr. Matthew Yong, who is in a very tight spot financially and in general.

He was a previous Dstl/UK MOD contractor (DSTLX1000073769 & DSTLX1000051141*) running the company Novel Defence Engineering Ltd. In 2012, as a result of the SDSR 2012, the MOD's remit expanded from defence to defence and security. At CDE/Dstl's public & written request for assistance in helping themfind security risks or threats, he discovered theoretically how to make nerve gas using commonly available DIY equipment & chemicals in the UK, and warned Dstl of this risk, clearly stating that the intention of the researchpaper was to "confirm that the nerve gas can be synthesized in the described manner, and warn the security services accordingly." At this point, he had a high security clearance which included CT checks amongst other things.

The police then raided his house in Chatteris on Nov 23 2012, imprisoned him for 2 months without proper charges for chemicals he had pursuant to his Dstl contracts and then subjected him to 14 months of vexatious proceedingsby the CPS. He has now left the UK and is terrified of the British government playing similar games with him; it is easy to vexatiously accuse someone but life-destroying, even if acquitted, trying to defend against them. Hewould like to take legal action against the British government for what happened but appears to not be in a financial position to do so.

He previously had an account with Natwest & Barclays. A few months ago, several months after his proceedings ended favourably at the Peterborough Crown Court on 15 Jan 2014, all his accounts were closed without warning and all the money in it seized by Natwest and Barclays.

For example, we understand that when he called Natwest, they said that there is a clause in his T&C which says that Natwest reserves the right to close any customer's account at any time for any reason, and they are invoking this clause. Natwest refuses to give him any reason. The telling bit is howdid both banks come to the same conclusion to close his accounts at the same time, albeit giving different reasons?

Our questions are:
1. Can banks extrajudicially close a customer's accounts without warning and seize the money in it?
2. What are the usual reasons for doing so?
3. What recourse does Dr. Yong have to get his money back?
4. What recourse does Dr. Yong have to get the banks to explain why they did what they did?

Thank you for your advice.

J. & A.

Please feel free to confirm with:

Andrew Hall
Commercial Officer
Commercial Services
Ground Floor, Building 5
Dstl Porton Down, SP4 0JQ
Tel: 01980 658263
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Richard Bishop
Head of Commercial Services, Dstl
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Jonathan Lyle
Chief Executive Officer, Dstl
Email: (e-mail address removed)


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