Urgent need for advise: Form 8379 - Injured Spouse Form

Discussion in 'Tax' started by ahawkscry, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. ahawkscry

    ahawkscry Guest

    I need to file a Injured Spouse Allocation Form, and i have
    no idea on how to do it. Please help, Does anyone know where
    i can find a completed sample form that would show me how to
    fill out lines 7,7a,7b. I don't understand theses high tech
    terms that the goverment uses. Does anyone have any answers?

    Thanks alot,
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    ahawkscry, Mar 24, 2006
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  2. ahawkscry

    LTSLLC Guest


    For Line 7a, Wages:
    1. column a, enter the total wages you and your wife earned
    in the year in question.

    2. column b, enter the wages that were earned by the injured
    spouse, that is, the spouse that did not owe the past due
    child support, taxes, etc. this is usually the wife but not
    3. column c, enter the wages for the other spouse.

    NOTE: The amount in column a should equal the sum of the
    amounts in columns b and c.

    Ex. You owed child support, you had wages of $30,000 and
    your wife had wages of $28,000 and you filed a 2005 joint
    tax return showing a refund of $3,500, all of which was
    offset to pay your past due child support (so your wife is
    the injured spouse).

    Fill out Form 8379 like this:

    [ Moderator:
    This is what happens with normal line wrap via the internet
    and is the reason you should limit your line length to 60
    cps. I have cleaned it up in the past, but no more. ]

    Joint info Injured spouse
    Other spouse
    Column a Column b
    Column c
    line 7a $58,000 $28,000 $30,000

    line 9 $10000 $5000
    standard deduction

    line 10 2 1

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    LTSLLC, Mar 26, 2006
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