USAA & Quicken


Rick Blaine

I've been using USAA with Quicken's One Step Downloads for years, but my USAA
investment accounts would never download, even though the USAA Investment
Company said their transactions would work with One Step. The accounts were
online activated, but when I clicked on the download button within the account,
it would do a QFX download, same as if I initiated the download from the USAA
web page. Annoying as I download banking transactions every day and it would
have been nice to get the investment ones.

Turns out USAA has a process for fixing this. I stumbled across a web page with
instructions. The short version:

1 - Deactivate online access for each USAA Investment account from the Account
Summary tab. Ignore the warning that says you need to contact USAA to close
2 - Disable all One Click downloads (including USAA Bank and non-USAA ones).
3 - Initiate a One Step Download. (This updates all the financial institution
data in Quicken).
4 - Exit and restart Quicken
5 - Enable online access for each USAA Investment account. You will need to
match the USAA Accounts with the Quicken accounts. Enter your USAA PIN as
6 - Initiate a One Click download, check all the appropriate account boxes and
reenter your USAA PIN in the PIN Vault (optional).


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