Use my own chart of accounts



For years I've been using my own chart of accounts for budgeting film
production projects. I've not succeeded in figuring out how to custom-build
my own chart of accounts in SBA. If I can't do that it's of no use to me.

Please let me know how I can change the existing chart of accounts or build
by own from scratch. Thanks!
Elliot Berlin




What I can tell you is that it organizes the various categories of a
documentary film production under a collection of headings and under each
heading is a varying number of related items. The names of the accounts are
defined by the requirements of a production and they are, so far, numbered in
a way that is self-determined. Why would you need a more specific example
than this description? Whether one can customize the chart of accounts would
seem to be a fairly straightforward question.


I'm disappointed in the fact that it is apparently not easily possible to use
my own custom chart of accounts. The chart of accounts I want to use is a
standardized thing, designed to be Cross-Referenced to Not-For-Profit IRS
reporting standards and forms. In other words, if I follow the structure
they have laid out, I will also have a guide that tells me where on our Form
990 they will fall.

Some of the accounts in the microsoft program can be changed, but others are
not able to be edited by the user. For example, whomever designed the
default chart of accounts has payroll liabilities off by itself. I need to
move it underneath "Accrued Liabilities" but I am not allowed.

I just took the accounts that I'm not allowed to fix and marked them
"inactive" and changed their descriptions to "Do Not Use."

It's quite annoying not to be able to structure my organization the way I
want it organized.



Allan Martin

Tengu said:
I use Excel. I will continue to use Excel for my initial budgeting
but if I can't structure the same chart of accounts in SBA then it's
to me.

Forgive my being insistent, but you appear to be avoiding a straight
to the question of whether the chart of accounts can be
for specific applications.

Can the chart of accounts be customized? Of course it can. Can it be set up
to conform to the one you use? Beats the hell out of me.
Why? Because no one has the foggiest idea what your chart of accounts looks
like. Good lord just list it here. I will list part of my chart of acccounts
so you will get the picture.

1000 Cash
1200 Accounts Receivable
1400 Inventory
....... etc.

Jesper [MS]

Hi Tengu

Perhaps this is what you are looking for; when you create a new company you
can choose to NOT select a business type and you will then not get a full
chart of accounts. You could then create all the desired accounts manually



Rick Sparks

Oh... and I should mention, our Accounting Method has always been Cash... so
there's no AP or AR, which helps keep it easy!

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