Use VoIP To Call Collections and Debt Collectors


HSBC Watch

If you are called by a debt collector beware of their caller ID system.
"NEVER call them using your home telephone or cell phone" say
consumer advocates at Household - HSBC Watch. "These companies have
caller ID systems on steroids, so be very careful" the group said.
Recommendations include using 'voice over the Internet', or
"VoIP" which is an Internet telephone using your computer.

If you have a high speed connection such as DSL, cable modem, or
satellite Internet, visit the Live Phone website for free software,
free accounts and free services. "We recommend Stanaphone because it
is easy to use" said a programmer for Live Phone. "Just buy a cheap
headset and you are ready to make calls."

You may need to fund the Stanaphone account with a few dollars but the
peace of mind is worth it. Your caller ID will show up as a New York
number if you use Stanaphone, and the phone won't ring if you put the
software in "do not disturb" mode. Voicemail is delivered to your
email account.


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