User defined fields in columns


David D

Is there a way to put user-defined fields in the column section of layout. I
am wanting to add a field to the columns on the customer forms.



Judy H - Plitek

I'm curious if you ever got an answer to this questions because I've been
struggling with it for at least two weeks. It seems, in previous threads,
every time someone asks about this the respose illustrates how to get the
user-defined field on the screen form but does not address how to include
user-defined fields on the Word 2007 form in the column area of (in the case
of a sales order) SALESORDERLINE, because the LINE is one element containing
Item, Description, Unit Price, Quantity, etc. We are using Microsoft Office
Accounting 2007 and Word 2007 and cannot seem to get an answer on how to add
several User-Defined Fields to appear on our forms. This issue also affects
the Quote and the Invoice. We have 5 user-defined text fields and 2 date
fields that MUST be part of the LINE on each of these word document forms.

Judy H - Plitek

I do hope I will receive a response today regarding this issue, inasmuch as
our project has been stopped for almost 2 weeks now. I'm baffled by the
Microsoft Help in Office 2007 that states:

Under the heading, "Customize Microsoft Word templates"

"The Document Actions has a tag called Line that you can use to insert an
entire table into a template. The table contains columns useful to each type
of template you want to create. You can edit, add, or delete columns using
the table editing options in Word. The Line tag is located at the bottom of
the Document Actions pane."

I found the Line tag just fine....but I'm not able to find "table editing
options in Word" that tells you exactly how to edit, add or delete columns in
the Line so that you can add user-defined fields to print in the Line.

David Drosselmeyer

I haven't received any responses to my query other than your additional

Judy H - Plitek

Did you figure out a work around? This is an extremely ciricial issue. I
can't believe more users aren't having the same frustration.


I am also having the same problem but have found that mine is because I am
using office xp with a free copy of Accounting. I thought about upgrading,
but if I still cannot do it I dont see why? Also I dont see why xp is
limited to not being able to add and modify only delete. How did the
original template come to be?



Lance [MSFT]

David, as far as I know, the item grids on the transactions forms are the
only ones into which a custom field can be inserted.

There is not a way to add custom columns to the customer form's contacts
grid or financial history grid.

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