Using ananalysis book



We are a new small association, and we have bought an analysis book to
record the financial transactions. I am trying to figure out how best to use
the analysis book.

On the left hand side, the book has 3 cash columns, on the right 8 cash

Each cash colum on the right side will be an expense column, things bought
with a cheque. Now every month I will add each column up to get a monthly
total expenditure for every type of expense. Then, by adding up each
column total, going from left to right, I will end up with a total monthly
expenditure figure, which I will record in the last column. Okay, that's
fine, I'm happy with that. What is so easy is that each entry is going the
same way, ie, they are all "out".

Now concering the 3 cash columns on the right. I'm not so certain what the
colums should be recording. But surely there has to be transactions "in"
and transactions "out". My best attempt is as follows:

In Out Total

1st Grant Chk 1000

7th Donation 50

16th Petty Cash 100

31st 1050 100 950

So, on the 31st, I make calculations which tells me what money came into
the bank account that month, what went out, and a total figure that comes
to 950. Now of course, that 950 is not telling me the bank balance is on
the 31st, it's just telling me what came into the bank account, what petty
cash went out, but does not record expenses paid by cheque, they are
recorded in the 9 cash columns on the right hand side of the analysis book.
(BTW I have a petty cash book, which will record the incoming and outgoing
cash, which would have a monthly balance).

Okay, so the question is, should the analysis book that I am using for the
main accounting book of the association record, contain the
bank balance at the end of the month, and the total amount of monetary
assets? I'm not sure, but I think it should. (The alternative is to draw up
some kind of seperate balance statement every month). So, this is how I've
figured out to use the analysis book so I can see the bank balance, and
total monetary assets at monthly intervals:

Total | Total
| M.Exp.
950 | 400
Funds in bank 550
Petty cash +100
Total money funds 650

It obviously works, but again, should I be recording the funds in the bank,
and total money funds in the analysis book? Or in a separate book or sheet?

Let's say that I should record these values in the analysis book, it all
looks a bits scrappy on the expenses side of the book. I'm using 3
lines to put my totals in. But that's the only way I can figure how
to record funds in bank, and total money funds.

If there is a neater way to record the transactions, would you please
let me know. Thanks. Rich.


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