Using POS in Grocery Store



This questions.
1. I want to use the system in Grocery store. I have to set up a servers and
10 registers. I will accept FoodStamp and some other types of cards. What is
the way to set up system accept Food Stamp. I mean I have set up all
configurations for it, but I just want to know if I slide a FoodStamp card ,
how to make system charge from it. I need to set up FoodStamp merchant
account separately or just purchase merchant account with food stamp support.
I don't know ... can anybody help me with this ?
2. I will need 10 scale-scanners. is there any roght scheme to set up all
this or I just need to setup scaner on register and connect register to
server. I think there should be a way to use one scale for 2 or more
registers. Anybody knows the answer ?





I'm replying to your second question concernings scanners & scales, regarding scanners, nothing special, u'll connect a scanner to each register, all registers r connected to ur server thru ur LAN
Regarding the scales, u have 2 options:-
1.. counter scales, these r scales that r not located at POS, they r located in the locations in which you customers can't help themselves, like meat, dairy, fish. These scales print labels that r readable on the POS scanner, these scales have keyboards and screens. Items used for these scales will be standard items starting with '20' or '02'
2.. register scales, they will connected directly to your POS, and will be used for items (fruits & vegetables) that u want to weight on POS and that your customers can pick up themselves, these scales don't print labels, they have only a small customer display that shows weight to the customer.
u still have the option to use both types, and still u can use option1 only for fruits & vegetables by locating some small counter scales at the customer's hands, and put one of your staff just to print lables.





Hello Ashot RMS is a great progam however I think it still needs more time to
mature to operate efficiently in a foodstore as large as the one you are
highlighting with the corresponding requirements. I would suggest you use
something like Catapult, or General Store. :)

Or search google for supermarket POS.

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