Utility to Sync/Tranfer/Merge 2 companies


AS Test


Does Microsoft Accounting Professional 2007 have a Data Transfer Utility or
a Sync Untility?

I am shopping for the best software to fit our new company. Our order
Department will be in one location, while accounting will be in another.

I can see Microsoft can import accounts, customer, and such but can not
import transactions. Correct?

If we set up 2 companies, is there a way to merge/syncornize/transfer
transactions from the order deparment company into the Accounting comapny?

Thank you



AS Test

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your comments.

Chris Schatte said:
Hi ASD Test,
No, there is no current option to "sync" data from 1 company to another.
You can setup 1 company and use a remote desktop login to the company
database on SBS Server or restore your data from one location to the main
Office Accounting database.

Chris Schatte
use the Office Online web newsreader here:
Spaces Blog:
SBA 2006> Office Accounting 2007

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