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Charles Goodman

I'm looking for some advice on how to change my domicile
from VA before taking an overseas job. I want to avoid
paying VA state taxes while we are living abroad. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

My family and I moved to Virginia from Florida in 2002 as a
result of my job being relocated. We had lived in Florida
for over 10 years and my wife still has a lot of family in
Florida. I have applied for a job with the US State
Department and I feel there is a reasonably good chance I
will get an offer sometime in the early part of 2006. I
will spend probably 2-6 months in training in Northern VA
and would then head for an overseas assignment. It is
possible that I would come back and work in Washington, DC,
in the future and may need to live in Northern VA for a few
years before heading back overseas or retirement (presumably

It is my understanding that when someone takes a job with
the State Department, they declare a state of domicile to
determine if state income taxes should be withheld. If
possible, I would like to change my state of domicile back
to Florida before heading overseas. Because of the training
in Northern VA, it is unlikely that I would be able to leave
VA for any extended period before heading overseas. Once I
get the State Department job, my plan is to sell our house
and buy one in FL. My wife and son would move back to FL
while I am in training. I would change our permanent
address to FL and change things such as vehicle
registrations, driver licenses, etc.

Is this sufficient? What else should I do to ensure that VA
considers my state of domicile to be FL? I am hoping that
our prior long-term residency in Florida and the fact that
we still have family ties there (and none in VA) will help
support the change.

Again, any information would be greatly appreciated.
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