Vanguard dividends - account mixup


Warren Harris

I hope someone can help with a newbie question...

I'm confused about data that was automatically downloaded from my
Vanguard account. I have both a brokerage and IRA account there, and
the brokerage dividends are showing up in my IRA investments
transaction register, i.e. the IRA account register is a mixture of

Date Investment Activity ...
5/31 Vanguard Long-Term Reinvest Dividend (IRA)
6/21 Vanguard Tax-Manag Dividend (Brokerage)

The brokerage dividends do not show up in the brokerage account,
either in the Investment Transactions list, or the Cash Transactions
list. I'm concerned about this because these dividends appear to be
incorrectly added to the balance of the IRA account. How can I
reassign them to the right account?

Also, I've flagged these dividends as transfers to my checking
account. Don't know if that affects anything, but I don't think it
does. Thanks for your help,



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