UK VAT on goods from EU query

Mar 11, 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

Just trying to get some advice of VAT recharge.

I'm bringing sportswear into the UK from Spain, arrives and I charge VAT on the sale, how do I account for the VAT that is attached to the goods when I buy them?

In theory at the moment if I buy something from the supplier for £10, and sell for £12 (inclusive) I'm making a £0.40 loss overall by the time I've paid the VAT man??


Sep 1, 2011
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When you make an order to the Spanish sportswear company, they would have asked for your UK VAT number (including the GB prefix).

As a result, Spanish IVA should not be charged and there should be no VAT claimed as Input VAT!

If IVA is charged, the UK business cannot reclaim it on their UK VAT return or by a direct claim to the Spanish tax authorities.

The best that you can do in these circumstances is to confirm your VAT registration number to the Spanish supplier, then ask for a full credit note and for the goods to be re-invoiced without IVA.

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