Vendor Due Dates



I recently loaded on the Service Pack 1 for OAP 2008 and ever since then I
have not been able to add the vendor due date box to my "vendor bill" page
when I try to "modify layout." I can add most other items listed except for
that one. Our company default is net 30 days for most vendors, but I have
some that need to be paid sooner, but I do not know the exact date until the
bill comes in. For those vendors, I rely on the due date box to manually
enter the due date so not to pay late. Can anyone help me with this?



Meena [MS]

In the default layout, the "Due" field that refers to the Due date is in the
top right. I assume you made some changes to the default layout and saved.
Try switching to default layout, just to see whether you can see the Due date
field. It should show up in the default layout on the top right under terms
parallel to Delivery Date. If yes, switch back to the layout you saved and
click on "modify layout". In the modify layout dialog, if the "Due" is in the
left side add to the top left or top right or wherever you prefer.

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