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I am looking to get around £250k + Marketing and Sales Support from a
Venture Capitalist / Accountancy Software Firm in order for me to Build and
Sell a software package to help the accountancy industry.

Basically I will not give you all the details in this news group as its my
property however in a nut shell the software is based on .NET technology and
processing of financial data/information.

If anyone is interested or can recommend a good honest company (if one
exists) then I will be very grateful.

thank you in advance





That's a sort of difficult number for true VC's - to small. you might be
better getting into a group of angels.

Try Beere and Partners.


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Wolfgang Rochow

I concur. I myself have invested heavily in a number of software projects,
provided that the people mix was right. But remember Angels are not angels -
they are tough business people whose term sheets will make you cringe. Does
that make them bad or dishonest as you imply? Absolutely not, they require a
good return on their investments, on average, because not every investment
pays off. So what are some of their considerations?

"Ideas are a dime (10 cents) a dozen" as we say in our part of the world. So
when you talk about wanting to "Build" I shudder, as an investor. Our
minimum consideration level is that "software ideas must have progressed to
a working prototype." Most Angels want to invest, not run the business.
That begs the question, what kind of people have you got on board because
the HR mix is extremely important - this includes partners, project
contractors, a quality Board of Advisors, etc. And don't forget your
Business and Marketing Plans - if you don't have a documented Vision and
plan of execution, no sane investor will give you due consideration.

Wolfgang Rochow


I concur again....I've done 3 startups and quite frankly my advice would be
to beg borrow or steal rather than give equity away in your baby. It can be
done as well - I've built my latest s/w business with no VC at all and now
it's rocketing....

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Peter B

It's already been done. It's called sage.

They're called Banks, you may be familiar with them, they're normally
situated in amongst rows of shops called a High Street.

But seriously, you may prove me wrong, but from reading what you have
posted, you haven't even built a beta version yet. Why would you want so
much money if you haven't even made a prototype. Basically most of the
money will go into R&D before you even burn it to disk. Plus why have you
cross posted to, do you think employers actually use this

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