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I consult for an accounting company that has multiple divisions needing to
access the same Quickbooks Data files located on a network share. One of
the divisions creates and updates the company files. The other division we
would like to grant read-only access to these files. I have run into some
problems with trying to set this up with NT security and the Quickbooks
built-in user security component. It seems that if I grant group B
read-only access to the folder on the server, the users cannot open the
files..they keep getting an error reporting that the company file is not set
to multi-user when in fact it is. If I allow group B read/write access to
these files and try to use the user security in QB, there are no options to
allow the user to access specific areas of the company as read-only. I have
already contacted Tech support and was informed that the product offers no
view-only features. I also talked with their sales division to see if any
of their other products supported this. I was told none of them do.

We are currently using Quickbooks Premier 2003.

Does anyone know of any add-ons or tweaks that would allow users to view
..QBW files as read-only??

Thank you much.

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