Wachovia Quicken Bill Pay Story


Marc Auslander

The short of it. I've tried several times to activate Wachovia Bill
pay. I do have download activated, but was using Quicken bill pay.
If I turned off Quicken buill pay and turned on Wachovia bill pay, it
would activate but fail when I connected.

Yesterday (see the shaggy dog story below if you care) I deactivate
both Quicken and Wachovia on my checking account. I then reactivated
Wachovia, and to my surprise both download and bill pay were turned
on. And bill pay now works. I have no idea if they are going to
charge me - no indication of charges for personal use on the web site
but who knows. They have the new $5.95 charge - but I have an exempt

The shaggy dog story and a hint about mysterious red flags.

This started when the red update flag appeared on my checking
account. No outstanding downloads to accept. No bill pays to
upload. I flailed for a while, including turning off bill pay and
account down load.

I then realized what happened. I have joined the social security
crowd, and had added a scheduled transaction to put my direct deposit
in 21 days in advance of its expected receipt. But I failed to
convert this to an automatic entry. The red flag appeared 21 days
before the scheduled date to reminding my to enter the scheduled

I have now also discovered that if you hover over the red flag it may
tell you what it's warning about.

Ain't computers fun :)


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