Watermarking of Paid Invoices



Hello, my customers often like to have a copy of an invoice which clearly
says "PAID" on it, but when you print an invoice, it gives no indication as
to whether or not it has been paid. In QuickBooks, I think there is a big
diagonal page watermark which says PAID, making it really clear.

Essentially, what this is is a a "receipt", for which there is no capability
in SBA except for "cash sales", which don't really fit into my scheme,
whereby everything is invoiced.

By watermarking the Invoices, once they've been paid, you'd kill two birds
with one stone.

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David Blaine Fullerton

Oh yes, you are so right.

I am writing "PAID" with a marker across these receipts. There is a
tiny little word that is "Invoice (Paid)" in the upper right, but it is not
sufficinet for the Retards that I deal with on a daily basis. They want
the "PAID" word almost the full length of the sheet.

And, then let's say that they need a "Customer Receipt for a Payment" sheet.
So, I know what you're saying.

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