Weird TurboTax Error



My taxes are done for this year, but I've discovered a curious Turbo
Tax error in the Oregon State returns. When my refund was posted to
my checking account, it was for almost $200 more than what Turbo Tax
had reported I was due. I went back to my Turbo Tax file and found
the discrepancy. According to the TT running total reported on the
opening screen of the program, my State refund was less than the
amount actually due to be refunded stored inside the program. The
amount reported on my Oregon form 40 was the amount I was refunded,
not the amount on the TT running summary. Obviously this isn't a big
deal to me - I've checked the calculations manually and the program
gets it right internally, but I sure am curious what is going on with
the connection between the refund amount in the summary and the refund
amount in the actual forms.

Has anyone else seen this problem?


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