Welcome to SwissCash




Welcome to SwissCash! You will be very pleased with the financial
returns that are ahead of you.

My name is Albert and I am your SwissCash Financial Consultant.

SwissCash currently provides 4 Levels of Income:

Deposit USD $100+ you will be SIP (you will get SIP income)
Deposit USD $1000+ and you will get all 4 incomes below:

1. SIP 20% Monthly average interest for 15 months = 300%.
The interest increases in 3 month stages:
10% - 15% - 20% - 25% - 30%.

2. SAP 10% referral commission of referred investors. Instant

3. SRP 10% of Referrals increasing monthly interest. Withdraw Monthly

4. SFP 10% of monthly group volume for every $10'000 matched each side

Many members are a bit confused about the various streams of income. We
made following page to help you understand each plan, how to gain the
most out of the program and achieve the highest returns:


Most people start investing with US$ 1'000 in order to profit from all
the income possibilities. If you refer a few friends or relatives the
SAP & SRP can ad up and provide a very good additional income.

After registration you have 2 weeks to deposit $1000+ and $30 for the
activation fee. If you can't afford, it's ok to deposit just $100 as a
tester. SwissCash has been proven to continue paying out $ to everyone.
Everybody has been paid 100% since early 2005 without a second delay.

I am here to help you - do not hesitate to contact me if you have any
questions or need more information regarding SwissCash and how to
achieve the most out of the four income streams.

I wish you all the best!

Your fellow Investor


Email: (e-mail address removed)


Contact via Online Form:

***Firefox and Opera Browsers***
If you are using Firefox or Opera browser and only get the Mobile login
page we urge you to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. SwissCash is
specially designed to work on the latest Microsoft platform and
investors are advised to use Internet Explorer for best performance.



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