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In this Issue:

1. The 2004 Spanish Tax Calendar is now available
2. Tax preparer attributes business growth to e-file
3. Record keeping tips for your business

Good News! The 2004 Spanish Tax Calendar is now Available

1. The Spanish version of the 2004 Tax Calendar for Small Business and
Self-Employed (Pub 1518SP, Catalog Number 37263R) is now available.
This calendar is filled with useful information on general business
taxes, electronic filing and paying options, business publications
and forms, and common tax filing dates. Each page highlights
different tax issues and tips that may be relevant to small business
owners with room on each month to add notes, state tax dates, or
business appointments. Copies of the Spanish version of the calendar
can be ordered by calling the Area Distribution Centers (ADCS) on
(800) 829-3676.

2. Tax Preparer Attributes Business Growth To E-File

This month in ERO Spotlight, ERO and CPA Charles Egender of Bel Air,
Md., talks about the positive impact IRS e-file has had on his tax
preparation business. (ERO stands for Electronic Return Originator,
a tax preparer who can e-file for clients.) To learn more about
Charles and other EROs, and to access online resources on e-file,
e-pay and e-services, see: http://www.erospotlight.com.

3. Record keeping tips for your business

So, what's the best way to keep good records? It doesn't have to be
complicated. Get practical recordkeeping tips from the online version
of the 2004 Small Business Tax Calendar at
http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=105710,00.html .

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