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I am new to Money, just come from Quicken.

In Quicken I tracked my pensions as assets, however in Money it would seem
they are to be tracked as investments. However they do not have a share price
in the same way so its a little confusing. The monthly payment appears in the
cash area and I suppose when I get the statement I purchase the additional
units as if they were stock and price them accordingly. Is this correct?

I also have some endowments, I have these tracked as bank accounts as any of
the other choices seem to be more work that I can fathom.

The Help is close to unhelpful, the booklet that came with Money is of
little value ... I will look for a book on this ... any suggestions?




Glyn Simpson, MVP

Regarding the pension, yes, that;s the best way to do it - the pension fund
doesn't have a share price, but it has a total value, but the containing
investments do have prices and values.

Endowments. hmm, I sold mine and avoided the problem ;-) You can track these
as an investment or a bank account depending on their type and how much you
want to read the documentation to work out exactly how much is used to buy
the life insurance, commission and what is actually invested. Its quite hard
and might not be worth it. It's probably easier just tracking the value once
a year.

I'm not sure on books, but try here for an Amazon search:
http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/external-search?tag=microsoftmone-21&keyword="Microsoft Money"&mode=books-uk

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