What banks you would like to see supported...


Patrick Dickey

Hi everyone,
I'm not making any guarantees here, but since the MS team does
monitor this newsgroup, and some of the people monitoring this group
were in the beta, maybe we can get more banks added to the list.

So, here's what I need you to do. Read through the replies (if and
when they start) and see if your bank(s) are listed. If so, don't
worry.. If not, list them. If it's a local or smaller bank, you may
want to give them a website or contact information.

I'll start the list with the three or four that I've seen already in

US Bank
Wells Fargo
Bank Of America.



Mike Boardman

WELLS FARGO....PLEASE! But when? I'm not going to buy the product until these
choices are available...


National City of the midwest.

great idea patrick hopefully they see this

Chris Schatte

Current list of banks as launch date today 9/7/05:
As the page states more will be added so check back on a regular basis
As stated Patrick, it is a good idea to post your bank as a requested
supported financial institution for SBA.

John Hockenberry

USAA Federal Savinngs Bank would be a good add. All service men and women,
families, retirees, etc..


I would like to see Compass Bank and Chase. I would like to use SBA for 2 non
profit organizations, charities, and to go to Money and to retranscript
manually is stupid.

David Farrell-Garcia

David said:
Patrick Dickey wrote:

Whidbey Island Bank http://www.wibank.com/
Hey, I know there is not much chance of getting Whidbey Island Bank
included but maybe I can guilt MS into including it since they used our
Island as the code name for VS.Net 2005. :)


Bank of America
Cumberland Bank South
Fifth Third Bank
First Tennessee Bank
First Trust Bank
Franklin National Bank
National Bank of Commerce
SouthTrust Bank
SunTrust Bank
The Bank of Nashville
Union Planters Bank

Just to name a few... :)

Chris Leeds, MVP-FrontPage

Bank of America would be a for sure.
IMHO they've got the best online interface and functionality of any bank
I've used. I signed up for a NetBank account just to see how "online
banking" was in the SBA interface, but they were so obnoxiously "jerky" that
I haven't bothered funding the account and probably won't.

Chris Leeds,
Microsoft MVP-FrontPage

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