What can I do to improve my chances of interning at a Big 4?

USA Discussion in 'Career and Jobs' started by jamar410, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Jan 14, 2019
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    I am in a unique situation and would like as many suggestions as possible. So, I am currently a high school senior, who is in dual enrollment (Not at a community college, but college courses in my high school & will reach 62 credits upon graduation); therefore I was accepted to college as a transfer student, most likely with junior standing for Fall 2019. The school I will attend has the only Honors Accounting program in Maryland & most of its grads go to work for the top accounting firms in Baltimore...that's what their website says. Additionally, this school is mostly for working adults; therefore, there it is likely that I will be able to manage a part-time, or even full-time job while still working hard in school (Online & Night Classes). I am wondering, is it smart for me to volunteer for a local companies' accounting firm? I have 2-3 companies and non-profit organizations that I can volunteer for, for my final 2 years of college. I also was wondering what job should I obtain during this summer & college that would be beneficial for achieving an accounting internship. Throughout my 2 college years, I would like to volunteer, internship, work-study, and have a part-time job all in accounting. Will these 4 help me reach a job around graduation?
    jamar410, Jan 14, 2019
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