What do you want ? Peace and/or money in 2006/2007 latest. Here to see



I am finishing my year 2005 with some regrets and some joy.

Maybe it is the same for you.
Hope you had it better.

There are creative people who come to your email box promising
that next yeat shall be the end of the 7 year of drought.
Heard that before?

You know what - it has always been since the first 7 year of
drought and 7 years of plenty.

NOBODY knows for sure - even in this free economy.
PERFECT knowledge is free - free to dream.

But the one who looks into the POSSIBILITIES has the possibility
to get the correct move.
The one who never test never fails - and neither does he pass!!!

Why am I telling you all these.
Cause in 2005 I have tested a plenty and many of those programs
I have tested have "goe to the wind" if one might say.
I needed only 1 or 2 that succeeds reasonably well and one or
two that may make my jaw drop if they succeed.

The 2 types of programs are at the bottom of this link.
It has some words that pep me up when "I feel the blues" ..
so read and see the light and don't forget to looooook at the
2 programs at the bottom of that page.

Mike Ang
take care and God bless who ever you perceive Him to be


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