What happened to GM?



Is it true: As goes GM, so goes the country?
Now, I know someone in this ng (newsgroup) has independent
entrepreneurial skills!
I don't care what you say, this thing has been building for at least the
last 30 years. Management vs. Labor. Once they finally solved that
problem, it was back to business as usual. That would be? Building shoty
products and inventory that barely passed as equal to the superior
international auto makers. To be honest, the cars didn't even come close
to the quality, that the Internationals were or are producing. One good
thing can come of this though.

If you're in the business of auto-making, now is the time to go
independent. The monies are there. Take one or two proposals down to the
local stock office. The plan has to be solid, and then some...
Panos, look for them on the web. It's a small car manufacturer located
about 30 away from me here. Their motto: Small is beautiful. Producing
hundreds of thousands of units per year is not necessary, for
substantial profit. Keep the company small and your good.

Meanwhile, at the Halls Of Justice: What's that muckraker's name? The
guy they voted in this past summer. Whatever! He's gonna take 'em down!
You don't need a crystal ball to see this one. Give it five years or
less and the GM we've come to know and love, the GM that was created to
thwart the only other car manufacturing company then, know as FORD, will
no longer exist. Man! What a journey.


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