What happens when you delete an electronic payment?



I was trying to pay 3 bills via the electronic payment that is a part of MS
Money 2006. I was trying to pay all 3 in one go. Two of them were late and
Money complained about them being late. It gave me some sort of warning and
I got the impression that it didn't want to pay them at all because they
were pay (I would have thought it would let me enter a new date). It then
gave me only one option, and that was to delete the two payments, I think
for this month. Since that was the only thing it would let me do, that is
what I did.

Now, it looks very much to me as though it has deducted the full payment for
all three electronic payments, but is only showing me one. How do I
determine if this is what has happened, or not? I've checked my bank's
website and don't see all three, so I don't know what's going on.





If you went to the web site and only saw the one and don't see it in pending
payments, then you can probably just delete the two extra ones. If in
doubt, call the bank's online banking department and talk to someone there.

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