What happens when you upgrade from Small Business to Deluxe?


Retired Coal Miner

I picked up a copy of M04 Small Business over the weekend (it was too
cheap to pass up, $35). So I'm going to do a M03 (Deluxe) -> M04 (SB)

I'm curious what features/functionality I'll lose, (and if this is in
fact doable seamlessly) in the future if I go from M04 Small Business to
a non-Small Business version, such as M04 SB->M06/07 Deluxe/Premium?

I'm not planning to use any of the small business features in the M04 I
bought, other than to perhaps play around with them. The reason I
bought the SB version is the two years of MSN Bill Pay included, which
is worth a bit more more than what I paid for the software.

Has anyone tried this in the past?




I'd also like to know what will happen if one 'migrates down' from a small
business version to a lesser version, such as deluxe or premium. Are the
only things you lose the data and the functionality that are unique to the
small business version?

I'm interested because it appears there is not always a small business
version released each year, I think.



Bob Peel, MVP

That is exactly what happens. You will get warned/nagged that you are going
to lose functionality but that is all.

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