What is most recent UK edition?



Please could someone let me know what the most recent edition(s) currently
available in the UK are?

I would like to try Money Plus Deluxe, but this appears to only be available
in the US. Can I download and use this edition, or will I encounter problems?

Is there a plan to launch Money Plus Deluxe in the UK?

Many thanks in advance for any help!




Glyn Simpson, MVP

Hi Nick

the most recent UK version is 2005. As far as is known, there are no plans
for releasing Money Plus in the UK.

The Money Plus edition is a US version. It is possible to try and use this
version - you can get a trial through
http://money.mvps.org/downloads/trials/default.aspx. Obtaining it in the UK
is less easy as it is not directly dstributed here, but see
http://money.mvps.org/faq/article/535.aspx for some help. Some caveats in
the use of the program can be found on that page, however, I will report
that I do use it in the UK.

Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money

See http://money.mvps.org/faq/default.aspx for tips and fixes for MS Money.
To send Microsoft your product wishes see http://money.mvps.org/wishes.aspx

I do not respond to any unsolicited email regarding Money


Unfortunately, Microsoft are no longer interested in providing up to date
versions of Money in the UK, and publicly state that the 2005 version is
still suitable - despite also stating that they will be withdrawing support
from this software!

The withdrawal of Sage from this market some years ago can either be seen as
confirmation that there is not a viable market in the UK for personal
finance software, or explains Microsoft's reluctance to develop our software

PCPro magazine is conducting a campaign to persuade Microsoft to provide a
new version, but with little apparent success.

The problem is compounded when you also want to link Money to Pocket Money
on a PDA as Microsoft no longer support this use unless you have an
antiquated PDA that is pre-WM5.

Clearly there is a gaping hole in the market just waiting for someone to

(A frustrated Money & PDA user).




It depends on what exactly you want your software to do, there are a number
of 'money' applications available, but not from main stream suppliers.

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