What is the current Release # of Quicken 2004?



I am still using Q2001 and was planning to upgrade, but wanted to avoid the
first release.
I was planning to wait until they released atleast one service pack/bug fix.

What is the current release # of Q2004? R1 or R2 or other?
Do people recommend using or avoiding downloading the new version rather
than buying retail?

Thanks, Joe






Bruce Roberson

If you're using 2001 deluxe as I was, then its marginal as to whether you
will see anything better. Different, yes, better, well its debatable.

It did provide a downloading of my 401k account that I couldn't do before.
That is why I upgraded.

If you like the quick tabs of your accounts, then you mind as well hold out
as long as possible because they are gone in Q 2004. If you like being able
to change colors in your register, then don't switch because those options
are gone.

Also gone in my opinion are some of the flexibilities I enjoyed with graphs
and the way the detail and subgraphs look when they are clicked on.

Eventually, Quicken will probably force you to upgrade through not
supporting the old version if you use any downloading services.

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