What is the former CEO of Wal-Mart doing now???


Joe Frias


This is your chance to be a part of a great new company being run by Steve Smith, who is the master mind behind the success of Excel Communications, and well known for his success at network marketing.

It's a business, with Bill Fields, the former Wal-Mart CEO well known for his successful 25-year career during which he led the company from $40 million in annual sales to over $70 billion based on his knowledge of the values of families across America.

EverydayWealth is redefining the American Dream by delivering the first and only system that gives anyone the control and power to truly create, manage, and protect wealth while helping others do the same.

The service provides customized financial plans to achieve financial independence, regularly updated credit reports, education on how to improve credit, anonymous shopping for loans and credit cards, protection from identity theft, and $25,000.00 insurance if someone does steal your identity.

Additionally, it pays you to help others achieve their dreams of becoming financially independent. As you refer people, the company pays you SEVEN levels deep. The full compensation plan is available on the web site.

I strongly encourage you to visit http://www.wealthlink.com/vwebhost or http://www.readthis.com/vwebhost.

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