what now?


Pat Winstanley

Subject: Re: what now?
From: "martin" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 22:32:26 +0000 (UTC)
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How will finding clothes to wear get me to work?
Borrow a bike from someone!



Zoe Brown

martin said:
How will finding clothes to wear get me to work?

What are you talking about?

What does that mean? Did you post simply to criticise me? What does that
Martin, you need to solve each problem one at a time, firstly borrow the
clothes and then sort out transport. You don't need £150 for transport.

You mentioned that you needed two pairs of trousers, could you just not have
one pair for the first two weeks, wash them over night, you can get a second
pair with your first set of wages.




I don't know where to start with this. I have a job I can start, through,
pertemps, next week. It is a bus journey a way and has a dress code i need
to shop for. I signed off today (which alone isnt enough to cover the period
till i get paid which is a fortnight) only to find that, because of a month
long sanction, not only am i not eligible for any type of financial
assistance starting a job that I also have to fill in a 'review form' to
determine whether i can claim the money i am signing off for (ie ther period
till i start work). Given how understaffed the jobcentre are and how long
its going to take to send and return the form there is little garauntee that
i will see a payment before the weekend which will be too late.

As this amount of money isnt enough to pay a fortnight's bus travel, living
expenses and some clothes for the job and as I cannot get any assistance
(which includes budgeting loans) there is no way i can start this or any
other job unless i am lucky enough to find one locally.

Now I can accept being sanctioned (and i will not be drawn into a discussion
of whether i 'should' have done things or not) but to have that sanction not
only affect payments - fine - but make it impossible for me to claim
assistance in actually starting a job is crazy.

So what now? Lottery ticket i guess.
So what happend to you then? What did u do?

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