What to do when fund updates are turned off?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Money UK' started by RichT, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. RichT

    RichT Guest

    As a user of Money 2005 UK, the end of Nationwide background banking is
    annoying, but the software is at least still usable for the moment.

    But as I have an investment portfolio, Money will become useless to me once
    fund and stock updates are turned off.

    US users can turn to Quicken, but what can UK users do if we need a solution
    for portfolio management? There is no Quicken UK. I have looked at
    Moneydance - but this only allows qif import of accounts - and even that is
    very limited.

    Are there any other solutions on the horizon?
    RichT, Mar 21, 2010
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  2. RichT

    Bob Peel Guest

    We are back to where we were prior to M2004 when there was no online share

    Unless you are into day trading or have other reasons for needing absolutely
    up to the minute prices, one perhaps ought to take the view that shares are
    a long term investment and that sitting down on a Saturday am with the
    Business Section of your favorite broadsheet is good enough for indicative
    price trends!

    Bob Peel
    Bob Peel, Mar 22, 2010
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  3. RichT

    rupert Guest

    If you really need a real time update of stocks then there are plenty of
    other sites that will give you an accurate valuation, unlike Money, where
    the prices are at a 15/20 minute delay minimum. I use ADVFN.com, which gives
    real time prices but there are others. Both Yahoo and Google offer portfolio
    valuations on a 15 minute delay. Trustnet does a good portfolio valuation
    for Unit trusts/Oics.
    rupert, Mar 22, 2010
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