What Type of Salesmen Contact You the Most?

Jan 4, 2013
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Hi everyone.

My name is Damon and I am trying to find businesses that specifically market to you guys (cpa's, financial planners and tax professionals).

The reason why is because I will be sending out a direct mail piece to all the accountants in my area, but I would like to share the cost with another business (noncompetitor of course) who would also like to market to the same clientele.

I cant seem to think of any particular business, so I thought what better people to ask than the accountants themselves!

So, what businesses would you say would benefit by targeting cpa's?

What types of salespeople contact you on a regular basis?

BTW, I offer graphic design and print collateral (business cards, brochures, letterheads, etc.)

Thanks in advance to all who respond.

- Damon


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