What would you like to know about ERP?





Merlin said:
Is it all that people make it out to be?
Do the benefits always outweigh the costs and the disadvantages?

Well the questions
a.. Why do so many ERP projects fail?
a.. How much does Business Software cost?
a.. How can I get a high ROI (on Business Software)?
are good ones and are asked (or should be) by most senior managers.

Also, ERP projects virtually never 'fail' - too much loss of face at a
senior level . Mostly they die slowly and expensively and then, after a
decent interval, some poor soul as to pick the pieces up and try again

IIRC a recent (last 2 years) survey of the top 100 companies reported 80%
did not get the return from their investment in IT that they had been led to




I agree. It does depend on one's interpretation of the word "fail".
Most ERP projects are carried through (eventually), often against
better judgement, but fail to render the expected results.

The 80% of the top 100 companies that reported not having received the
expected return on their investments in IT, were led by the top* IT
companies and top* consulting firms.

*"top" as in size and brand awareness; not as in quality and

"The top 100 companies" means that we all are part of their economical
chain and -in the end- pay at the counter for the incompetence of
these inapt consulting firms and inapt IT companies. (Actually, we pay
for the inapt choices that this 80% of these top 100 companies have
made. They should select on 'competence'.)

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