when generate monthly report money 2003 reports error and close automatically


Allan Wong

I am running money 2003 on my windows xp for over a year, never has a
problem but until today. When I try to generate the monthly report for June,
there is popup error message saying that the program has encountered some
problems and needs to close and whether I want to send those technical error
details to MS, and besides this I got an option to check it if I want money
to reopen. The program still able to generate monthly reports for previous
months and even the month in progress but not June! Can someone point me the
direction to rectify this problem ( I have tried to uninstall and reinstall
the program and then restore my backup file but it doesn't correct the
problem), thanks.



Bonnie Synhorst - MVP

Since it is a monthly report, you cannot reset the report, so we need to
look at other things that happened to your file that caused the report to
have a problem.

Take a look at Dick Watson's FAQ on file corruption at

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