'Where do you see yourself in five years time'



A common question at job interviews. My response would be I would hope
to be an equity member and working in acting. I would imagine that
would go down well with some employers although not with others. Job
centre might not be too keen but I don't think there is anything they
could do to stop me saying it or sanction me for it.

Its not some wild fantasy on my part. I have been doing part time
acting classse for almost two years at a well known adult eduction
college in central London which has a large drame department with a
good reputation and produces many people who go to to work in acting.

I would hope that in about another year or so I would be ready for

I know that its hard to get work in acting but most people do get
parts here and there. Life is short so why not do what I want.

The worst thing would be, not to pursue acting and wish I had



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