Where is the MS POS newsgroup


Michael Mizell

I an in need a some assistance with the MS Point of Sale program.I am
providing support to a customer who is completely computer illiterate. He is
having issues with the font size on his receipt printer and the hand held
scanner stops functioning after a period of time, leaving him to have to
exit MS POS and then start it up again.
If anyone can provide me with some assistance or direct me to the proper
newsgroup, I would greatly appreciate it.

Michael Mizell
Mizell Computers
(925) 325-3461
(e-mail address removed)
(925) 325-3461



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

Well, this is the correct Public newsgroup, but most of the posters are
talking about RMS rather than Point of Sale. As a Partner, you should log
into PartnerSource and look for the Managed Newsgroup under "Discussions".

I *think* you can modify the font size in Point of Sale, but I'm not
positive - I could tell you how to do it in RMS...

The Handheld Scanner sounds like some sort of hardware issue to me -
possibly a bad device, or more likely a loose cable. Is the scanner OPOS,
or is it just a keyboard emulator?





I actually have this same problem with the tag printer printing from the RMS.
I forgot to ask tech support while communicating with them about other

After printing a few hundred tags, my printer, Zebra, also stopped
responding. I had to reboot the system, then it went back to normal. This
has happened a few times.

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