USA Which Accounting Software is Best for a Small Real Estate Investment Company?

Sep 11, 2018
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United States
My wife's father passed away with no succession plan in place and had a small portfolio of investment properties managed by a 3rd party property manager. My father-in-law's bookkeeper in place was grossly overcharging for services provided, so we found a new bookkeeper who is well recommended. The new bookkeeper is asking which accounting software we would prefer and is hesitant to recommend a specific software. Any help would be more than appreciated.

Details: Properties are held in 1 S-Corp, 1 limited partnership, and 2 LLCs. Most property transactions are recorded by the property manager, so the bookkeeper just needs to record the property manager's information + a few consultant fees, etc. Online access sounds like a great feature, but not sure if the functionality is there yet. Lastly, we need a consolidated financial statement of all the entities (portfolio view of performance). Currently 1/2 the properties are using Quickbooks Online and 1/2 are using Sage. (Does not seem ideal) I've been told that changing accounting software is a huge pain, so we'd like to get it right the first time if possible.

Thank you for your guidance. If there is a forum that is better suited for this question please let me know.


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