Which anonymous figures made millions on the stock market from 9/11?


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Before you read this article, conduct this test. Try to purchase some
stock, or some futures, a mutual fund or some put options, without
providing your identity. Go ahead and try it! See if you get anywhere.
Find out what happens when you tell the investment firm that you want
to make a huge investment anonymously. It can't be done.

Then ask yourself this question: How could someone have placed
anonymous put options on American Airlines and United Airlines just
prior to the attacks of 9/11? Then ask yourself why no one has
investigated this suspicious deal. Ask yourself why there has been no
attempt by the US government to identify the person who anticipated
huge profits from a disaster that was yet to occur. Is it because the
trail possibly leads to the CIA?

Then wonder about the collapse of Building 7 on the day of the attacks.
Ask yourself why the owner of the building allowed the building to be
pulled down (intentionally demolished) hours after the Twin Towers
fell. Pulling down a building takes weeks of planning and preparation
so that explosives can be safely positioned and wired. Not so in this
case. Wonder why.

If you have any doubts at all about the official 9/11 story, then the
answers to these questions are all the proof you need that something is
very, very wrong!

Independent 9/11 researchers have worked nonstop since the events to
examine the events of 9/11 and they have uncovered enough information
to seriously challenge the official versions of what happened on that
fateful day. But maybe, just maybe, the very fact that massive amounts
of information are available is a problem in itself. There may be far
too much evidence for most Americans to face.

The challenges to the official stories may be too devastating to be
processed by the average American who has spent a lifetime believing in
the system. Many people can deal with the minor violations that are
part of the political scene, but cannot possibly fathom a government
that might be complicit in an attack on its own people. They are not
unlike the parents who eventually come to terms with a child's
shoplifting spree. The same parents would do anything to deny far more
serious accusations. Imagine the response of parents whose son turns
out to be a Timothy McVeigh.

Some things are so disturbing that they are almost impossible to
believe. That is why, in the 9/11 enigma, less is more. There is a real
danger of frightening everyone off by offering too much information.
Therefore, if we think of the problem as a chess game, two strategic
moves can lead to checkmate.

There are two pieces of the 9/11 puzzle that on their own expose the
lies of the administration.

Two questions must be raised so that even the most diehard Bush
supporters realize they have been deceived. These are issues that no
one can debate or dismiss. These are not conspiracy theories. They are
fact-based questions that can lead to exposing the deceptions in the
official reports. The apologists have no way to explain these away or
justify them. Basically, they offer clear evidence that the official
explanations of 9/11 are meaningless.




Someone had foreknowledge of the attacks. In the weeks leading up to
9/11 someone made a series of investments that would have paid off in
huge profits because of the attacks. This is well documented and
undisputed. This person specifically invested in the two airlines used
in the attacks, anticipating windfall profits from any drop in the
stock prices of these companies. This is solid evidence that at least
one person in the United States had detailed information that something
bad was going to happen to the specific airlines that were to be used
in the attack.

We have been told that the person who made these investments never
claimed the profits. We are expected to believe that this explains why
his or her identity is unavailable. This is absolutely untrue. This is
not an instance in which someone was waiting to pick up a package at an
airport locker. This is a case of a financial institution processing an
investment transaction for an individual. This CAN NOT BE PERFORMED
ANONYMOUSLY! The identity of this person who had foreknowledge of the
attack is know and this person's identity is being protected by our
government and this is a fact! Period, end of story.

WHO MADE THE INVESTMENT? Identify this person and you have someone who
very probably had detailed foreknowledge of the events. The fact that
the profits were never collected is even more suspicious and
incriminating. The fact that the identity of this person remains
unknown is even more suspicious. The only possible conclusion is that
this person is known to the government and that his or her identity is
being protected.

There has been a clear and concerted cover up regarding the person who
tried to profit from events he or she knew were coming. The people who
could easily clear this up, but who chose to close any further
investigation into the matter are not underlings. They are officials
who answer directly to the President of the United States. Check.


On September 11th, Towers One and Two collapsed after suffering direct
hits by airliners. Building 7 was neither hit by an airliner nor
damaged severely by flying debris, but at 5:20 p.m. it collapsed in the
exact same accordion style of the other two towers. The official
explanation by FEMA investigators claimed that WTC 7 fell as a result
of burning for 7 hours.

Several weeks after the events of 9/11, Larry Silverstein, the new
owner of the WTC was interviewed on TV. At this time he openly
acknowledged the decision to pull Building 7. This was a public
statement in which the owner of the WTC agreed to the destruction of
the building.

This decision was never explained and was never questioned by the Kean
Commission. The conflicting report of the FEMA investigators was also
never explained. Pulling a building requires weeks, if not months of
preparation. Explosives have to be carefully and strategically placed
and wired. How was it possible to pull a building without first
preparing for its demolition?

Larry Silverstein invested $386 million in WTC 7. On 9/11, by his own
admission, Larry Silverstein ordered the demolition of his building.
In February of 2002, his company won a settlement of $861 million from
Industrial Risk Insurers. Do the math. No one investigated. This is a
confession to the demolition of Building 7. Let me repeat that, THIS IS
A CONFESSION! Checkmate.

Until these questions are answered there is no need to establish more
doubt. What we have here is solid undisputed evidence that we were
never told the truth. We have solid evidence that the official
investigation stopped short of delving into questions that could have
supplied answers. We have solid proof that something is very, very

There is a mountain of unanswered questions concerning the events
surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Anyone willing to listen or look at the
inconsistencies would have to draw an obvious conclusion: the official
explanation of the events of 9/11 is nothing more than a desperate
attempt to distract the American people from investigating the truth.
There can be no denying that there are a number of strange and puzzling
occurrences that have never been, and seemingly cannot be explained.

Perhaps the abundance of startling and damning information is too
incredible to be accepted easily by the millions of Americans who have
bought into the corporate media's version of the events. So many people
in this country can not deal with, or accept any real challenge to the
official explanation that allows for no foreknowledge or cover up by
their government. Even if most Americans were to be presented with
clearly corroborated facts or cold evidence, they would probably refuse
to even consider the involvement of their elected leaders in a tragedy
of such huge proportions.

The official story, however, collapses after an examination of the two
questions just raised. Very simply put, case closed. We do not need to
pull an OJ here and bury the obvious under more evidence than the jury
can handle. Show the Bronco chase and the blood evidence, and rest the
prosecution. Otherwise we risk badly confusing a jury of the

It is vital that the evidence based community encourage the American
public to question the events for themselves. Two questions of this
magnitude are enough to raise reasonable doubt. Two such questions that
have gone uninvestigated and unexplained are enough to arouse

We're in a very dangerous game, here, and all of us are players. Much
of what happened on September 11th remains at best unclear, and at
worst terribly suspicious. The reality that the President of the
United States spent more than 18 months resisting an official
investigation into the most devastating tragedy in our history is in
itself an outrage. But the reality that there is no official body still
seeking answers to vital questions is an even greater outrage.

And if that remains the case, we all will have been checkmated, en

Editor's NOTE: People might comment on this article by calling it a
conspiracy theory. This is their usual way of dismissing the facts. I
ask you, where exactly is there "theory" on this page? What
elements of this article are in dispute? This is not a theory, this
article poses questions that have not been answered and the people who
call the results of the independent 9/11 research community
"conspiracy theories" have yet to qualify their assertion. You can
not simply call something a "theory" just because you have not
looked closely enough to see the facts that have been presented. If you
call this a theory you are in denial. Very simply put, you can not
debate this issue. Many people will dismiss this, as they do all
evidence that goes against what they want to believe, yet when asked
what their criteria is for discerning between theory and fact, they
will not have a logical answer. This is not theory and neither are the
facts that have been brought to light by the many people involved in
the legitimate independent 9/11 research community.



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