Which classes are best for the CPA exam



Hi All.
Changing occupations after a company layoff.
I would like to get a masters in acounting and a CPA.
It seems to be a growing field in the Southeast, and I don't see to
many problems with age discrimination.
My masters could take a fw years, as I go back and get all the pre
requisites before I even start on the graduate work.
But to sit for the CPA exam, I just need 10 accounting classes along
with the un associated bachelors degree I have.
So - 20 years ago I took 2 semesters of accounting, a federal tax
course and a business law course. I need 6 more.

My question is : of all the accounting classes offered, what 6
classes would you recommend in order to have the best background for
the CPA exam?

Thanks for your time



~^ beancounter ~^

they prob have to be "specialized accounting" classes...so....
i would say auditing, tax, cost, it or computer systems...select
both basic and advanced in each area and you will be off to
a good start...oh yea, managerial accounting as well...

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