Which course???



I would like to ask you for help.
I'd like to do an accountancy course in London. I've done one in Poland. It
lasted 1 year. I don't know exactly how to translate my qualifications into
English, but I learnt how to enter the transactions using the double entry
system, how to draw up a balance sheet and a traiding and profit and loss
account from information given in a trial balance. I learnt about clients
and financial accounts. The coursse was well know and organized by
Accountants Association in Poland. I passed an exam and I've gotan
Certificate in accountancy
After that I worked in a small team as an accountant (or maybe I should it
translate "as a bookkeeper"). My duties:
-purchases and sales ledger procesing
-drowing up and posting sales invoices
-assisting in a payroll department
-inputting data
I'm interested in course which lasts about 1-2 years and full time or
part-time vening.

My quastion is: Could somebody advise me which course I shall do, which one
would be suitable for me, what kind of qualifications are recognised and
would help me to find a good job?

thanks a lot for yours answers


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