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Jun 29, 2018
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Is there a way to enable older (2014 Quickbooks) to allow download of a bank register? I switched to online Simplestart so I could download my bank checking account information. It now does not have a Purchase order feature (it has been conveniently removed by Quickbooks in the last few months.)

A little history...

I have been a Quickbooks user for 20 years. I have a very simple business consisting of small sensor sales and some consulting. I can't afford $40-$60 a month. About $10 per month is about right. I used to spend $200 for Quickbooks that would last me about 3 years.

What accounting software does not have purchase orders as a BASIC OFFERING???

Quickbooks on line (of course after I already committed to the on-line version). Am I missing something, but WHO does not need to purchase material from another company??? Is there a bookkeeping package that has purchasing, invoicing (billing), checking (including downloading from my bank) and simple reports? AND that does not cost more than $200 and will last at least 3 years before requiring an update (Quickbooks will not download bank info after 3 years).

I started with Quickbooks desktop for PC. After getting a Mac about 8 years ago, I considered the Mac version, but thought better of it due to lack of features and wanting support from accountants who used the PC version. I started using Parallels to enable me to use a virtual PC and still use the PC version. About a year ago I considered the Mac version, but was told it was being discontinued. I was pointed toward the on line Quickbooks. It had the things I need: Purchasing, invoicing (billing), checking (including downloading from my bank), simple reports

The present online service I have is Quickbooks Online Simple Start. It was fine when I first started the online service and it had purchase orders. There was one common desktop feature that was missing: The vendor's PO number in the printed invoice. Hard to believe since it was always on the desktop version. BUT Quickbooks removed the purchase order feature. I do not trust cloud based products at all anymore. Not only can the developer change the look and feel of a program at-will without notice, but they can eliminate features as has happened to me.

My question remains: Is not a PO to a vendor so common that it should be in ANY accounting software by default. I can generate one from WORD (and I was forced to do so today), but why?? I had it in my desktop software. The online software was about $10/mo and that was $120/year. Quite enough for a business that only generates about $40K or $50K/year. It should have the common elements that were in the desktop version.


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