Who lends, who pays



What few if any seem to realise about the US arbitrary apportionment of funds
and contracts for the rebuilding of the Iraq they destroyed in the interest of
oil acquisition and Israeli expansion, is this -

Suppose that of the $60-odd billion they wanted only $20 billion is up for grabs
- less commissions and retentions etc - call that 10 - 15% -

That notional nominal figure of $20 b will not proceed from the US, you know.
It will be the result of 'loan guarantees' furnished by the Rothschild faction
via the US government - all clipping their various commissions, of course, but
the cost to the guarantors of those guarantees will be . . . nil.

Unless you know how the fraud of 'world finance' works you will not appreciate
that the real essence of the joke is that the people who will pay for the $20 b
will be . . . the rest of us, via taxes of all descriptions, and via our
year-long work productive to those who speculate in the products of our work,
and in the inflation which these practices engender. And this will include the
populations of France and Germany irrespective of whether their 'leaders'
managed to get their sticky fingers in the deal as all of ours of 'the
coalition' most certainly have done.

It is we who will pay for the war and for the repair of the damage caused, but
the benefits will go to those who plotted it, and they are those who benefitted
from its sales of war materials and who are acquiring the oil, who will obtain
their desired expansion and receive the profits from the contracts to rebuild.
And it will be the rest of us who will also pay for those massive bribes which
induced our 'leaders' to join 'the coalition' in spite of all our public

Those of us who can't pay, of course, in this crazy pell-mell dash through the
lunatic world of 'their economy', go either into bankruptcy or into the ground.
But who cares about that if we are no longer 'valid economic factors', eh?
Remember, if the Rothschilds don't care about us, then we're not worth

To see who these scum are, type 'bilderberger' or 'bilderburger' in the search
machine of your choice, filter out the obvious rabid garbage inserted by them to
persuade you that only kooks enter material there, and see who remain in the
net. Then follow through their fellow creatures, and you will find all our
bribed presidents and 'monarchs' and those who cling to these vermin who are
operating our world so much to their benefit and so much against the interests
of the rest of us.

And of all of this their carefully-educated 'economists' know nothing, and
receive various garlands and prizes for so not-knowing. Well, of course. That
is for what they have been so-educated. And of this, at least until now, you
too have suspected nothing. Because that is to what you have been so carefully
educated too, both academically and socially for all these years. Don't you

Why don't you wake up and open your eyes, and then help us to put a stop to it
all. That is a suggestion, not a question.


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