Why is Squirmy Posting to Newsgroups........................



Abbot 2) LOL!! Diablo, your creative editing, implausible stories and
after the fact word parsing don't change the fact that you failed to
get into a free cab to me in a safe and secure, public area for a free

Are all "Damage Control Goons" as retarded as YOU!

You created the infamous "WillKill" persona to run away from the
ORIGINAL meeting!

That FACT is easily verifiable!!!!

Another FACT is the person in a red cap that was suppose to be at a
particular place at a particular time (remember you sent me an email at
5:26 AM PST for a 7:00 AM PST meet) was NOWHERE to be found!

This was substantiated by a hotel employee at the Metropolitan Hotel who
went to pass on a message to your alleged friend.

Please remind the Reader's here why you created the "WillKill" persona!

Better yet, let the Reader's see YOUR own words:

"...That meeting might have happen if the coconspirators had not decided
to tell me the location wasn't safe...".


Since it was PROVEN that the "coconspirators" you refer to was the
"WillKill" persona that YOU fabricated, you had NO excuse to avoid the
ORIGINAL meeting!

Jack(ass), you are reduced to trumping up charges in a vain attempt to
explain away YOUR crimes of CRIMINAL TRESPASS and THEFT!

I have been clear about this. I have NEVER asked for your home address.
I did ask you to post your phone number, but that was in response to
YOUR demand that Eldon post his phone number!

You even admit that I NEVER asked for your address, "...Pointless babble
from a child. Phone numbers, addresses what's the dif with reverselook


As a matter of public record and FACT, it was YOU who insisted that I
post my home address!

"...But if you want to press the point you shouldn't mind telling us your
home address, after all what harm could come to you by doing so...".


The one or two calls I have made, Jack(ass), were an attempt to verify
your name.

I have no care for your private affairs.

But when YOU blatantly address this newsgroup and FLAUNT your crimes the
way you have, I am going to expose you for those crimes to which YOU
have openly admitted! Those crimes are CRIMINAL TRESPASS and THEFT!

In the past you have admitted to being a SEXUAL PREDATOR as well!

I'm sure the hotel in Atlanta would love to know that!

It's time to put up or shut up, Jack(ass)!

The only one who has EVER issued threats of physical violence is YOU!

YOU are trying to claim I am guilty because of actions by others.

Are we to assume that YOU are a rapist/murderer just because YOU and Ted
Bundy are both American's?? That's YOUR standard of proof!

YOU are a COWARD, plain and simple! That FACT has been established
beyond ANY doubt!


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