Why? Why? Why?



I use Windows XP and look forward to upgrading to Windows Vista when it is
available. I have Money 2006 and wish to obtain any of the new features in
Money 2007, and I have a very expensive pocket pc with Windows Mobile 2003
Second Edition in it, which could be eligible for an upgrade to WM5 from
Verizon. My problem is complex: I LOVE being able to sync my Money 2006 file
with my pocket pc; I would like to obtain the upgrade to WM5 which I am
entitled to, and would like to upgrade my Windows XP to Windows Vista.
UNFORTUNATELY and INEXPLICABLY, I won't be able to do any of this if I want
to continue to sync my Money file with my pocket pc because: 1. Microsoft
Money 2007 does not sync with any version of Pocket PC, 2. Microsoft Money
2006 will not sync with WM5, 3. Windows Vista will not have ActiveSync which
is used with Money for Pocket PC. Therefore, it looks like I will have to
continue to run an older operating system (XP) on my Windows Vista capable
desktop computer, an older version of Microsoft Money and an older version of
Windows Mobile on my pocket pc if I want to continue to sync my Money file.
Can someone at Microsoft please explain why or provide solutions??




Vista will definitely still sync with mobile devices.

Check out

And, for $24.95, Spb Finance
(http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/finance/?en) will let you track
expenses and such and still sync with Money 2007 - but that's as close as I
can get to a Money 2007 sync solution.

As far as someone at Microsoft actually admitting they screwed up....well, I
wouldn't hold my breath. It seems that MS Money is kind of like a redheaded
stepchild at Microsoft. Not much going on there that makes it a real
contender to the throne.

It doesn't even have an option to import Quickbooks files. How can you
compete with someone without a way for users to easily move thier data to
your product?

Microsoft.....well, they got the SOFT part down pat.

Bob Peel, MVP

I don't think that Money has ever pretended to compete with QuickBooks.
Quicken yes - QuickBooks no.


It seems as if smerf has been able to assist me more than a Microsoft MVP.
Instead of arguing in a petty defense of your company, why don't you offer
your customers a little empathy and some sign of hope for their issues?
Please note that Microsoft stands to lose me as a customer of three of its
products because of my issue with Money: Money, Windows Mobile and last but
certainly not least, Windows Vista.

Dick Watson

Bob doesn't work for Microsoft. MVPs don't work for Microsoft. Some are
happy about that, others are wannabes. I think Bob is likely in the former
subset of MVPs.

MVPs generally are not in the business of defending Microsoft--just
brokering facts. Nothing Bob said defended Microsoft in the slightest. He
merely stated that Money doesn't fancy itself competing with QuickBooks; his
implicit suggestion is that expecting a QB->Money conversion is unrealistic.

MVPs have little hope for their issues with Microsoft, why should they be in
charge of offering you hope for yours? You want some empathy? We feel your
pain. Is that better?

If Microsoft loses you as a customer for Money, WinMobile, and Vista, it
makes precious little if any difference to your fellow users, MVPs amongst
them, much less to Microsoft. Your original post asked "can someone at
Microsoft please explain why". I think they implicitly have: they don't see
a business case to spend money developing what you are asking for.
Microsoft, like everybody else, invests money in products expecting to make
some return on that investment.

Specific to your issue, if every (branding attempt of day for
WinMobile)+Money for (branding attempt of day for WinMobile) user in the
history of Money on the PocketPC platform disappeared from the face of the
earth, all signs are that Microsoft would be just as happy and would only
notice because you'd all--all fifty or one hundred of you, that is--stop
complaining about something you got for free in the first place.

It matters not if you like that, it's just the facts of the situation.
Sorry. It's possible that the situation might change if you and 9,999,999 of
your best "very expensive PocketPC"-using friends called Microsoft and
offered them $100 a pop to develop the product you want.


Dear Dick,

Thank you for responding to my post and for clarifying that MPV's do not
work for Microsoft, but I did not ask for your rant on my rant. Your post is
otherwise totally useless to me.


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