Window Positioning



When opening up different setting windows in Administrator & Manager, the
windows pop up in different sizes and postions all over the screen -is there
method to reposition and lock the new window size/positioning? Even on a
1024x768 display, various windows within Admin, Manager, & POS still open in
very inconsistent locations, and new position & sizing is not able to be
saved; are the engineers aware of these window UI inconsistencies (a good
example of this occurs when setting up new Cashiers within Manager).

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I'm not sure if I have explicitly experienced what you mention, but I
do know that Ctrl+F6 in the Cashier station allows you to select the
transaction screen dimensions and anchor point based on the upper-left
corner of the screen. You can also set the NetDisplay position for a
dual monitor setup.

I found that switching resolutions on my desktop, sometimes threw
things off, because the windows had been anchored with more "space"
then truncated when my screen was running lower res. I'll have a look
later and see about the Manager/Administrator, but those are easier to
move around. The POS screen is most important as that's where you get
to take someone's money!

I hope this helps, sorry it's not all of what you were asking!

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