WLM Test




R. C. White

Hi, Al.

Not sure what you're testing, but your build (14.0.5027.908) of WLM is now
one build out-of-date. The final non-beta build (14.0.8050.1202), now known
officially as Windows Live Mail 2009, was released in December. Get your
copy here:


R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(Retired. No longer licensed to practice public accounting.)
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Using Quicken Deluxe 2009 and Windows Live Mail 2009 in Win7 x64)




Hi, R.C.

Hate to go off topic on you and John in this NG. To tell the truth, got
disappointed with WLM, and after more years than I care to remember, finally
gave in and bought Outlook. There's more to the story, and it only
tangentially has to do with Quicken (actually with Pocket Quicken, a dead
PDA, possible new smart phone, etc.) so I won't take up more of your time
(and John's - if he has reached this point).

Before retirement I used to be so far ahead of the game I often trotted on
thin air (much like Wile E. Coyote at times, I'm afraid), but now am content
to see you clear the path what with your Win 7 and all.

P.S. I know you also dwell in the WLM NGs so you may have seen a couple of
my rants/whines/cries of despair in that neighborhood.

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