WONDERLIC Exam ... Stumper


John Tome

WONDERLIC Here's the first stumper:

7. Assume the first two sentences are true:
Most progressives are business men.
Most progressives are Republicans.
Some business men are Republicans.
Is the final one:
a. true
b. false
c. not certain

Try it!

The answer is c. not certain.

Here's the logic...

Let's say the total number of Progressives = 100 people

Businessmen Salesmen Artists
Progressives 40 30 30 = most are Businessmen*
Progressives 20-D 20-I 30-R 30-R = most are Republicans
Some businessmen are Republicans? Not neccessarily! There's no way to
be certian. You cannot assume a person is either Democrat or
Republican. They can also be Independent (I) or undecided and not vote
at all.

* Are you thinking my example is flawed because it shows MOST are
"others", rather than Businessmen?

Q. If you had to recruit more Progressives and could only advertise to
one (1) segment of the group; Would you spend to solicit Businessmen,
Salesmen or Artists?

A. Businesmen. Because of the group MOST are Businessmen.

Entry: MOST
Function: pronoun, singular or plural in construction
Date: 13th century
: "the greatest number or part"


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